Jay @ 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland Ohio – Looking forward to the experience

Follow along over the next 10 days as our own Jay Schlum (Fountain Hills Citizen Extraordinaire and a member of Sonoran Lifestyle Real Estate) participates in the upcoming Republican National Convention.  He’ll be giving us his personal take on the activities and antics. Stay tuned and check back often!


Jay Schlum and Tim Schlum....off on another adventure!

Jay Schlum and Tim Schlum….off on another adventure!

Those of you who know me know me know that I have a passion for community service.  One way that passion is expressed is through political involvement.  I was honored to serve as the Mayor of Fountain Hills for two terms, and I have a strong, on-going commitment to serve my community and my state. 


So, it was with much excitement that I recently learned I will be attending my first Republican National Convention (RNC) being held next week in Cleveland Ohio.  But, if just that weren’t enough, I will be attending with my son, Tim Schlum, who is officially a Guest of the convention.  Tim has recently ventured into the world of American politics while serving as a staff member on the Ted Cruz Campaign for POTUS and is as excited as I am to be a part of this special week.


My journey really began when I was elected at the Arizona Republican State Convention back in April. I am officially an Alternate-Delegate and in the unlikely scenario that the 6 Delegates ahead of me should drop out, my official status will change from Alternate to Delegate!  As an Alternate, I will still get to do everything the Delegates do short of the actual voting for the Nominee, VP and Party Platform… plus I will be a hands on participant in this long standing process that both of our major political parties still honor. The tradition, camaraderie, and the chance to be a part of one of the most interesting Presidential elections throughout history is sure to be a once in a lifetime experience!


I’m sure most political conventions have elements of drama, but I think it is safe to say this year’s RNC will likely take the cake.  People on TV, Radio and particularly Social Media are sharing strong feelings and opinions.  Frankly, I can’t wait for everything to shake out and the thought that I could possibly lend a hand to help the Republican Party through this process in Cleveland Ohio is humbling.


On a lighter note, I’m flying into Detroit Michigan to meet my son Tim before driving together down to Cleveland. Tim’s latest endeavor is working as Communications Director for a US Congressional campaign in the ‘Thumb region’ of Michigan. Before leaving for Ohio, I will tour Tim around my hometown (Birth to age 12) in Royal Oak and West Bloomfield Michigan. We will get to connect with several family members who still live in and around the North West suburbs of Detroit.

Once we arrive in Cleveland, we’ll try to make the best of our non-convention time.  We’ll be checking out all the great local attractions suggested by our close friends from Fountain Hills Arizona who grew up in the Cleveland area. If you have any personal recommendations for Cleveland restaurants, nightlife, or local attractions please let us know!